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. at that point folks at the national level didn't realize we could be a swing state or going to obama. that's different this time around. they started ground game here earlier than ever before in history. and we've put more staffers on the ground and more people making phone calls and that's been a strong part of our effort heading into this election. host: we want to take calls from anybody who is watching the show. the numbers are -- a lot of talk regarding the storm off the coast of the carolinas, sandy, what are the plans for the republican operatives for the ground game should that storm make land fall in the carolinas either monday or tuesday? guest: i'm not sure that sandy is going to have an impact on us in north carolina especially in this area. it looks as if it's aiming toward delaware and virginia. here if it does, it will graze the coast which isn't very heavily populated and head up to the northeast. with that said, it looks like it's going to be a rain any day so we're doing our best to turn out as many republicans as possible. host: our first call comes from scott in connect
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1